6 Reasons Why Renting Multi Function Printers is a Better Option Than Buying.



For businesses on the move, Multi-Function Printers [MFP] can accomplish many jobs like printing, photocopying, fax, scan, stapling and also be printing huge size papers. Today, there are three ways to acquire an MFP. The first option is to buy one but that may not be a feasible option if your resources are limited as MFPs can be an expensive proposition. The second way to acquire a printer is to lease the MFP for a fixed term leasing. This is one of the most preferred ways that office print equipment is acquired.


The third and the most common way companies acquire printers is by either renting them for a short term or a long term. MCR has rented MFP for just a day for trade shows and events. MCR has also rented MFP for several years based on customer needs.   


Why is Renting MFP a Better Choice?

  1. Renting is a suitable option if you need MFP for a shorter duration of time. By renting you get the device for only the time you need - which could be for a few days' rentals like trade shows, conference, events etc. The best part of MFP rental is that the longer the rental, the better the rental rate.
  2. You have a huge volume to print or you might have to print an unpredictable amount and you’re concerned about making a long term commitment.
  3. With a short term rental, you immediately acquire the MFP to take care of immediate needs and lower the risk of buying a wrong one.
  4. Renting is a perfect option when your organization has been newly set up and leasing or buying is not an economically viable option.
  5. Renting is also ideal when you are scared or avoids long-term commitment due to a bad experience in the past.
  6. Renting could be a perfect way to acquire an MFP for another location, where there is a huge requirement for printing and photocopying.


Need more information?

Contact MCR or request a quote and see how we can propose a customized MFP rental or outright purchase option on the ideal printer, copier or all in one system.

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