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What is Zwoor?
Zwoor is a one-of-a-kind mobile application geared for event professionals. The company was founded on the notion that technology changes how events are run, how products are presented, and how individuals not just event professionals engage with one another. Zwoor was developed by Twoor LLC. who’s goal with Zwoor was to help people interact, provide feedback and communicate with one another.

– All conference and trade show info on one applications; including agenda items, calendar, social media information, venue logistics and more.

– One tap connect with exhibitors and sponsors; allowing for you to request exhibitor info with a click of a button.

– On-the-go event alerts and push notifications; essential for when things change, or special prize announcements and parties and more.

– Real-time feedback for sessions via mobile applications; allowing attendees provide comments and exhibitor feedback instantly.

– Instant speaker bios on demand, enabling all attendees to review speaker bios and absorb as much speaker information as possible.

– Social media integration; allowing users to tweet to speakers, and connect with others before arrival and after when content is published.

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