Have an event that requires tickets onsite or remotely? We have the perfect solution for your event. With our trusted industry leading partners at Interactive Ticketing, we offer a wide variety of integrated ticketing solutions.MCR uses the most cutting edge technology to deliver an integrated POS service that works across various platforms, implemented quickly and most importantly data is tracked and compiled for reporting and performance purposes. Tickets can be issued electronically or traditionally via print onsite.for pictures see below

Why use our system?
Technology and Service
MCR Rental Solutions has been involved in a multitude of events and shows across the country for over 25 years both big and small. MCR Rental Solutions have a proven track record and use only the most current technology to deliver solutions and drive results with Interactive Ticketing. We are partnering with industry leader to bring added expertise/ knowledge in our service. We offer 24/7 emergency help and can provide staff onsite for the duration of your event.

Efficiency and Profits
Current industry options are limited when it comes to a truly integrated solution (Both front end and back end). Our system does not rely on 2nd, 3rd or 4th parties/suppliers. This is a unique one-stop solution covering all aspects of your ticketing needs.

The system is easy to setup and use, by both customers and staff. Codes can be created easily and tracked with proper parameters and information in place. All information with our system is tracked in real-time giving you the most accurate information. Given the superior efficiency of our system has shown to increase profits and limit fraudulent activities.

E-Ticketing & Mobile Ticketing

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Box Office

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Ticketing Booth 

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Ticketing Kiosks

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- Fast
- Friendly user interface

- Easily adaptable
- Cost effective

- Limits fraudulent tickets
- Reduces lost revenue

- Real-time statics & metrics


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Note: If you or your organization requires a specific audio visual equipment rental that is not listed, please Contact Us directly.



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