The $100 emoji keyboard everyone wants to buy looks like this (VIDEO)

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The emoji has come a long way since creator Shigetaka Kurita introduced the world’s first 180-emoji set in 1998.

Emojis were initially created for mobile users to express thoughts and feelings in one character; let’s remember that this was at a time when cell phone text messages were limited to only 140 characters or less.

Today most mobile platforms support an average of 845 emoji characters, including Unicode 6.1.

However the iOS 9.1 supports 1,620 emojis; including, all regular emojis, country flags, modified emojis and new emoji characters which are created by joining others together — think about all the “family emojis” out there people…

Now let’s fast forward to the sudden rise of emoji popularity, which brings us to the side-effect of high number user complaints; specifically complaints about how difficult it was to create an emoji on a keyboard, emojis are normally hidden behind a tap or special character menu.

This notorious side-effect has led us to the by-product we see today and the good folks at EmojiWorks offer the emoji community a helpful hand, introducing their version of the emoji QWERTY keyboard.

The EmojiWorks emoji keyboard Pro is compatible with Mac and Windows through Bluetooth and available for $100 at EmojiWorks.

Below you’ll find the emoji keyboard in action. Check out the video and let us know what you think in our comments section.

Source: EmojiWorks

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