Staging Equipment Rentals

Our staging is modular and it is easy to setup. Ideal for the small event, it is well known for its strength, versatility, and durability.

4 x 8 Folding Stage with Steps and Drape


Drape covering all four sides

Carpet floor


Easy to setup


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4 x 8 Folding Stage rental

Microphone & Podium Rental


  • Custom branding/Logo
    Product Dimensions: 46" H x 23" W x 16" D

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Custom Speaker Stand With White Drape & LED Light


  • Synchronize lights to music

    Height adjustable

    Hidden wires

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Custom built Speaker Stand with White Drape and LED Light

Round Cruiser Table


30'' X 42'' 
100% polyester stretch fabric
Stain & wrinkle resistant
Folding table

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Note: If you or your organization requires a staging equipment rentals that is not listed here, please Contact Us directly. 



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