Secure Cell Phone Charging Station


Today, more than ever, your visitors require power to charge their mobile devices. People will stay longer if they can shop knowing that they do not have to run back to their car or office to recharge their phones and their phones are secure while charging. Visitors to conferences and conventions will come directly to the booth or display that offers free charging. It’s a fact!

Secure Cell Phone Charging Stations



  • Coin operated or free charge
  • 8 secure lockers controlled by a touchscreen interface or keypad interface
  • 15” LCD HD digital display
  • MP3, MP4, MPG, JPG, VCD and DVD formats
  • 8 mobile devices can be charged at the same time (including Sony PSP & Nintendo DS)
  • Traditional keypad to lock & retrieve phone
  • Material: High-quality Powder Coated Steel
  • Dimensions: 71“h X 21”w X 14”d
  • Voltage: 110V ~250V 50HZ
  • Weight: 150 LBS


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