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From laptop and desktop computer equipment rentals to iPads, touchscreen kiosks & cell phone charging station rentals, MCR Rental Solutions rents them all.


MCR Rental Solutions offers a complete selection of computer equipment rentals which includes laptops, desktops and tablet PC computers, iPads, internet cafes and touchscreen kiosks, mobile broadband wireless internet cards and much more.

When looking for Computer Equipment Rentals, we carry only the most reliable name brands available including Dell, Epson, Hitachi, HP, Lenovo, LG, Mac, Microsoft and much more.

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Note: If you or your organization requires a specific computer equipment rentals that is not listed, please Contact Us directly.


Desktop Rentals


Looking to rent computers, PCs or desktops? We have the Desktop Rentals for just about every need.


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lenovo laptop rentals


Laptop Rentals


Looking to rent laptops or notebooks? We have the Laptop Rentals for just about every your need.


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Laptop Rental


Microsoft Surface Rental


The Surface Pro 4, now available for rent on short-term or long-term rentals.


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Cell Phone Charging Station Rentals


Looking to rent a charging station for your event?





Wireless Internet Cards Rentals


Looking to rent wireless internet cards or mobile broadband internet? We have the Internet Card Rentals solution for just about every need.


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iPad Rentals


Rent iPad Pro, iPad Air and iPad 4 for event and business - iPad Rentals in Toronto & across Canada.


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Kiosk Rentals


Looking to rent kiosks? We rent Touch Screen Info kiosk, Ticketing kiosk, Charging Stations Kiosk.



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Kiosk Rentals