Whether your company needs network support in Toronto with our technology rental or a complete infrastructure of one or several desktops rented from MCR, one server or many printers everywhere, users that work from home and in the office, MCR has the trained and certified technicians that can handle the smallest or largest networking job with our technology rental.

If everyone needs internet access, ability to connect to printers and data, and email must be available all the time, call MCR to find out how we can build your network to be more compatible, secure, and best of all, more efficient. Our installation and support offering include:

Network Installation and Modifications

Whether you are setting up a new location from scratch or trying to decipher the existing topology of your network, MCR is your best choice for installing and modifying high-speed networks. We will analyze your existing network and offer the best fit solution for all your connection needs.

Network Security and Remote Access

Remote users will be able to access only the information they need, and be able to print the data you allow them to have. You can have as many or as few restrictions as you like, but be confident that your data is secure from internet hacking. Wireless security and encryption is also available.

Multi Location Services

You may have many satellite locations, and MCR can provide the networking connections needed to seamlessly share data and printers between locations. All connections are encrypted and invisible to the end user.

Internet Restrictions

Have your users be more productive and prevent internet abuse and maintain your corporate security. URL blocking, peer-to-peer prevention and spyware solutions keep your networked office working and bogged down and susceptible to incursion.