Rwanda Laptop Donation (Letter from CBM Canada)

I am back in Canada after three amazing weeks in Rwanada. I’d love to tell you about all of our adventures, but for now, I want to make sure you know how your generous gift laptops was a key component of our training this summer and an  unexpected boon to the teachers of 12 different school.

First, for the two afternoons of each camp, we split the time between a sports activity outside and computer training inside, alternating so we had half the total group of teachers on computers at one time. In our camp, we had almost 1 computer per person. In our second, it was 2-3 teachers to one computer.

rawanada pic 3 rawanada pic 1

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Kate and Ben had prepared a basic computer skills handout with screenshots of each step of basic operations such as turning on the computer, creating a document, a folder, saving, manipulation text, etc. For some it was the first time touching a computer; for most it was new to learn how to save a document in a personal folder. By the end of the second workshop, every teacher had created a folder titled with name and school and saved their work in it. Sometimes that was “Hello, my name is Domatille”. But for some they were able to create a table for the list of class marks, or a lesson plan template. Kate took all the folders and moved them to the actual computer that would be going to each teacher’s school, so they will be able to retrieve their documents.

The other great thing was that although I told the teachers the computers were donated by MCR Rental solutions Canada, for the use of the AEBER teachers, it became apparent that they did not believe they would ever really get the computers. The teachers assumed they would be “scooped” by the directors (principles) of the schools. Such is the hierarchy in Africa! Our CBM staff person who is working with the schools, Kathleen, and the superintendent of AEBR school, Theogene, devised a contract that the director and lead teacher of each school had to sign before receiving the computer, ensuring that your computers would be 100% available for the teachers use. This was done publicly and all the teachers cheered!! You can be sure that your extraordinary gift will be put to good use by the teachers of Rwanda schools. Kate took the lead with computer workshops, and Ben and others of our team circulated during the workshop, assisting one on one as help was needed. It was exciting to watch and a resounding success!

Thanks for making this possible. I appreciate it very much, all the more after seeing the impact of the laptops on the teachers in our training this summer.