iPad air on LiliTab

"Sleek enough for small places. Strong enough for large impact"
Our perfectly designed floor stands hold iPad Air at a perfect height, leading to the enhanced visitor experience. LiliTab has a fully integrated system that offers complete security, integration, and connectivity, making it an extremely reliable solution for tradeshows, events, and kiosks.
The LiliTab iPad kiosks are perfect for smaller spaces. With their sleek, lightweight design and floor space barely larger than the iPad itself, these kiosks are perfect for smaller spaces or to make sure that your products are the highlight of the show, not a bulky display. Great for contests, sign-ups, and data gathering, these kiosks can be the extra pop your display needs!
The ease of a portable device will make your event painless and stress-free - it could even save you hours of time. If you're unclear about how to use an iPad at your next event, don't worry! We offer excellent support services and set up.




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