iPad Air – The perfect accessory for your event.


5 ways MCR Rental Solution can setup iPad air at your kiosk

iPad’s unique design, smart features and incredible portability have given it the power to be a flexible tool for trade shows and events. It perfectly addresses a visitor’s comfort and usability needs, and perfectly fits kiosks of any size and layout – making it the perfect tool to save space while having one’s own kiosk.

Having the right accessories for iPad air is the key for any business event to get the most out of an iPad at your kiosk.

MCR Rental offers a wide range of accessories, apps, and software to streamline any business's checkout process, enter contests and build a database.

“If you think the iPad air is not for your event, then you might be wrong.”





iPad air on mini wall mount and table mount stand

 Easy to set up, anytime, anywhere.

This countertop wall mount gives business owners numerous options who are considering how to utilize their iPad.  The tablet features a swiveling mount which allows the user to rotate the display of the case 360° for public viewing. This unique feature provides a feasible means for versatile handling and is uniquely customizable for any setup.

This iPad mini stand is an ideal rental investment for trade show and events, having these multiple iPad mini stands at your kiosk counter top will differentiate your business kiosk and will generate more database. This cases enclosure enables users to easily recharge iPad air without ever disconnecting the instrument from the fixture. Also, assist in gathering data is a great tool to record information from tradeshow attendee’s on-location.


This single iPad stand for iPad air can be installed or setup in any possible way based on available space, kiosk layout. This iPad stand can be installed on a wall for easy access or on a table top for easy access and reaching comfortable height.


iPad air on truss mount stands.

Stands tall to help you make a good impression.

Large truss mount stands are the noticeable banner stand, built with lightweight aluminum stand. The truss is an adaptable banner stand that can be positioned anywhere in an event space to create a grand exhibit booth. iPad air can be easily attached with a simple attachment on this stand improving both visitor and brand interaction.

Enhance interaction between your brand and attendees by providing them with real-time information and capture their attention by displaying your content in astonishing high-definition quality.

Do you have a booth with truss mount stands on all the sides of a booth and wondering where and how to fit in the kiosk to gather database or run a contest? MCR RENTAL SOLUTION rentals have the perfect solution for this challenge. The easy to attach iPad with a simple attachment on this stand greatly improves visitor and brand interaction.


IMG_1247 IMG_1248


iPad Griffen airstrap/Hand strap


Your iPad is in good hands with the Griffen air strap/ Hand strap

A solid front cover offers extra protection when you’re on the go. The Griffen airstrap’s hard shell case is made from a high-tech elastic polymer that can absorb impact.

The Griffen airstrap case also has a no-slip grip on the back to keep it firmly in your hands especially when complimented with the hand strap. It’s light and simple design make it easily portable, strong and sturdy while holding up the iPad.

Providing good protection, the flexible strip provides a perfect grip and stays secure. The bumps underneath the strap provide extra grip.  A comfortable grip and bezel edge protect the front and back cover, providing perfect hand functionality required for the busy kiosk. These iPad Griffen airstrips are used for backup in case of long waiting when all the iPads Kiosk are occupied.

It is completely handy making it easy to walk towards the visitors with the ipad to fill up the survey forms. 


iPad with Kensington lock feature

Smart. Safe. Secure.

Kensington has launched a new accessory for the Apple iPad that lets you use a security lock with the tablet. It’s called the Secure Back Security Case and the plastic case is designed to offer protection from scrapes and scuffs, like any good case. But it also fits snugly around Apple’s tablet and lets you lock the tablet to a cable so that it’s difficult to remove without a key.

This will also make you feel confident and carefree about your iPad as it cannot be easily slipped away by anyone from your office or any other public place when you just moved away from your iPad.


iPad air on LiliTab

Sleek enough for small places. Strong enough for large impact.

Our perfectly designed floor stands hold iPad Airs at a perfect height, leading to the enhanced visitor experience. LiliTab has a fully integrated system that offers complete security, integration, and connectivity, making it an extremely reliable solution for tradeshows, events, and kiosks.

The LiliTab iPad kiosks are perfect for smaller spaces. With their sleek, lightweight design and floor space barely larger than the iPad itself, these kiosks are perfect for smaller spaces or to make sure that your products are the highlight of the show, not a bulky display. Great for contests, sign-ups, and data gathering, these kiosks can be the extra pop your display needs!

The ease of a portable device will make your event painless and stress-free -  it could even save you hours of time. If you’re unclear about how to use an iPad at your next event, don’t worry! We offer excellent support services and set up. 

 lilipad pic


Choose MCR RENTAL SOLUTION’s Contest Development Customization Database collection for iPad air and iPad 4

 Maximize your potential.

Now with the power of customizing Contest forms, signing up at your next event will be painless and stress- free. MCR RENTAL SOLUTION rentals offer an unlimited combination to customize contest forms and sign up events to collect information Database required for your business.

Choosing MCR RENTAL SOLUTION’s Contest Customization option will help you generate an error free and quality database.



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  • Delivery & Pickup charge for equipment is $80.00 for up to 2 units during normal business hours. For more units call for quotation.(Set -up & Strike Quoted Separately $100.00 minimum)
  • Prices are based on show rates, covering rentals for your event from beginning to end. Installation & Setup is not included in rental price.
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  • It is understood and agreed that the customer accepts full responsibility for any loss or damage to the equipment until it is returned to the leaser.


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