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The Giant iTab is a touchscreen tablet solution designed to take advantage of today’s rapidly growing world of the event showcasing, digital engagement and e-commerce.

Built on the revolution in smartphone and tablet technology, the Giant iTab rental takes existing client content and replicates it perfectly on a massive touchscreen display with all the iconic design, gesture controls and user benefits of the popular handheld devices of today.

Our customers have been asking for such a device for years – but everything in the market had limited functionality, weren’t reliable or flat out didn’t work – until now!

27” Giant iTab/Smartphone

The long-awaited solution the industry has been waiting for! This award-winning tablet works in the exact same way as its over-sized counterpart, but it is small enough to be positioned on a podium, counter or desktop to provide easy-to-access marketing information where space or budget may be limited or where multiple units are required in a number of locations.

Ideal for use as ‘Info Points’ for presenting event information, Hotel and Office ‘Digital Concierge Systems’ for local area and travel information

Extra features include:

Full Smartphone Surround for extra kiosk styling, cable management, and PC security

An In-Built Camera for use with Photo Booths, Instagram, and Snapchat

A Simple-to-Use Rotation Capability for presenting content in both portrait and landscape aspect ratio.


  • 1920x1080 Full HD
  • Screen size 27"
  • 16:9 Aspect Ratio
  • Landscape or Portrait
  • Compatible with app stores
  • No. of touches 12 & 2
  • VGA & DVI yes
  • HDMI yes
  • USB touch interface yes
  • Speakers yes
  • Operating system the latest version of iOS
  • Approx. dimensions (with desktop stand) 18"w x 32"h x 14"d


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42” Giant iTab/Smartphone

A massive tablet for turning heads and getting your customers to interact and engage! With an oversized, fully functional smartphone, you can present and share all your digital content in a format everyone uses day-to-day. The Giant iTab runs on both iOS and Android, which means it perfectly displays all mobile optimized content and shows apps in their native environment exactly as they would appear on your handheld device.These devices are the perfect solution to increase sales and customer engagement at your next event.



  • 1920x1080 Full HD
  • Size (in inches) 42″
  • No. of touches 12 & 2
  • Response time (milliseconds) 6ms
  • Resolution (full HD) 1920 x 1080
  • VGA & Dvi yes
  • HDMi yes
  • USB touch interface yes
  • Speakers yes
  • PC included apple mac mini i7
  • Operating system the latest version of iOS
  • software included iPhone or iPad
  • stand & base plate alloy & steel
  • colour black
  • Height adjust none
  • Approx. dimensions (with stand) 39"w x 66"h x 26"d
  • Portrait only


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