Event Management

MCR can solve your technology logistics problems for all your events from the coast to coast! We provide all equipment requirements as well as technical support staff across North America so all your events run smoothly from set-up to tear down.

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Logistics Coordination

It’s no longer enough for hardware and software to run smoothly at the show. The quality of your data is critical. Maximize your event technology investment with up-to-the-second integrated data management from MCR. We deliver comprehensive event data management support using the latest technology including digital direction signage, messaging centres, and RFID and tracking products. Incorporate new even data into your marketing program and continue to grow ROI year-round.

Technical Support

When systems go down, you need the right support. FAST. Our technical support division staffed by skilled certified technicians is available 24/7, at a great price to boot! Without on-site technician service, we can be there for you to keep everything running smoothly and have the ability to be on the problem the second something needs fixing. If you need help, we can be there to solve your technical problems in a flash. Our skilled service team will make sure the technical side of your event is up and running without a hitch so you can bring the focus back onto your show!

Support & Services

From trade and consumer shows to daily business operations, MCR can meet all your technology and data management requirements. With our team of highly knowledgeable technicians we can help you out with the following:

– Network management

– Repairs

– Upgrades or contingency planning for mission-critical equipment

– On-site technical service