From updates and patches to anti-virus monitoring, MCR offers Desktop Support.

Desktop Support

Desktop Support is the cornerstone of the MCR service packages. Our clients demand that their users are always up and running, and that’s what we deliver. MCR has a team of professionals in Toronto who have a combined 35 years of technical experience in both software and hardware related fields. At MCR we understand that the cost of computers have decreased dramatically, but that the cost for having non-functioning computer, and thereby employees, has risen dramatically. MCR has many service plans to ensure your systems stay functional and maintain the performance you expect.

Our support options include:

  1. updates and patches to ensure your system is secure
  2. anti-virus monitoring
  3. software tuning to ensure top performance
  4. physical cleaning of parts to ensure cooling and performance
  5. remote support to deliver fast responses to emergency calls

It doesn’t matter if you have only a few desktops, or an array of 50 or more; MCR has a package to fit your needs. You don’t need to be a victim of downtime any longer. Get MCR on your team and start reaping the return on your investment.