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Apple Rentals

Have the luxury of renting out Apple products whenever you want, wherever you want.

Here at MCR Rental Solutions, clients can rent Apple products at affordable rates for both personal and corporate projects.

Who rents our Apple Rentals?

We get a lot of clients renting for a variety of special events, ranging from classroom rentalsconvention rentalsfilm industry rentalstemporary office rentalsmeeting rentalstrade show rentals, advertising Agency, marketing agency  and more.

Our high-end Apple rentals are perfect for running graphic designing, running HD video, running multiple power consuming application and different software simultaneously.


Take a look below and see which Apple products is most compatible with your needs:

Apple DesktopsApple iPads 
Apple LaptopsMac Minis 


Apple Desktops

Being one of the most trusted and reliable name brands, our Apple desktops are a rock solid choice.

Rent Apple Desktop - Apple Rentals


Apple iPads

Renting iPad Pro, iPad air and iPad 4 for event and business

Looking for something compact and easy to pass around? Want to cut down on paper for your event? Switch to tech instead by renting one of our iPads! Our large inventory ranging from Pro, Air to the 4th generation would be a perfect extra device for the behind-the-scenes of your event. With setup also available, it can’t get much easier.

Tired of spending hours upon hours typing new email addresses into your system? Stop leaving sign-up sheets at your event or tradeshow and start using our iPad rentals instead! We also offer data collection software. All you have to do is give us the perimeters for what data you want to collect and we’ll do all the hard work! Ranging from Pro, Air to the 4th generation, our rentals will also help you engage prospective buyers in product demonstrations, or engage employees in the training process.

iPad air rental at MCR - Apple Rentals


Apple Laptop Rentals

Whether you need  an Apple Laptop rental of a few laptops for a presentation or a hundred  for a training program, we’ve got the laptops you need and can deliver them across Canada. Choose from top-of-the-line laptops that are configured to your specifications, all at competitive prices.

MACBOOK PRO  Rental at MCR - Apple Rentals





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Note: If you or your organization requires a specific service that is not listed, please Contact Us directly. We will locate the item and arrange the logistic for you.